Stamp your personality on this best selling style with a horizontal colour insert (4 Dior), use of precious metals (1 Dita), classic oversized (2 Porsche) or a bold statement colour (3 Victoria Beckham) 


A "classic cat" shape with a touch of detail is a guaranteed showstopper (1 Dita), but combined with another shape may better suit your face shape (2 Fendi, 3 Tom Ford). 


Round doesn't have to mean vintage! Sports luxe works well with this shape (3 Dior), as does a more luxury (2 Chanel) or glamorous disposition (1 Jimmy Choo).


Since the Dior 'SoReal' first dropped (2) even the most understated fashionistas have embraced the geometric revolution. Be 'as out' there (1 Fendi) or as 'in there' (3 Tom Ford) as your personality dictates!