Rhianna: Dita Rikton 402 "A masterclass in futuristic eyewear"

The DITA Rikton-Type 402

The Rikton incorporates photochromic dual lens technology that adapts to every lighting environment for optimum eye coverage with enhanced colour perception. The twin lens design features an anti-reflection coating to block out the reflections of everyday life for a clearer sharper view, a small titanium spacer is then inserted to repel dust and scratches. These lenses are then locked in place with the iconic Dita green cording system. The Rikton’s futuristic chassis is developed using only the best titanium for a strong yet lightweight build, a modern take on a timeless aviator-like design. Created exclusively for eyewear enthusiasts.

tints 3.jpg

Founded in 1995 Dita have continued to push the boundaries in innovated eyewear. They excel in their lens technology, timeless shapes and master craftsmanship. Their attention to detail is unparalleled with each piece hand-crafted from start to finish with over 320 production steps and a completion time scale of up to 8 months. To have and to hold a Dita is to experience genuine eyewear luxury.

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