Emma: Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight

I am just sick of this cold weather and having to do things like de-ice my car!  I need to come out of hibernation and Spring needs to hurry up!

Spring brings us Easter, it brings blue skies and blossom, better outfits, floral clothes, lighter nights. The list is endless, needless to say Spring would make me so happy right now. 

Whilst I absolutely love fashion and playing with trends, I usually stick to my trusty black and white monochrome outfits, my comfort zone. Now however, I am finding myself wanting to try new things! Even if it is simply adding statement accessories to just create a more exciting look to my monochrome wardrobe. So, I thought I’d throw together some of my favourite Spring ready outfits for work, for the day and for the night! 

Featuring these beautiful Chanel glasses available at all our Branches.




Styling for Day to Night


work wear vid_Moment.jpg

 Finally!! Spring now means we can show a little leg and this outfit is ideal for work wear, pair with tights on the cooler days (if you get a bit warm just nip to the toilets and take them off!) However, I am thee palest thing in East Yorkshire!

The yellow Chanel glasses just add that pop of colour to a monochrome outfit. The colour is subtle and so easy to wear; when people hear ‘yellow’ they assume it’s going to limit what you can wear with it, not with this one. The contrast of the silver arms with the CC logo makes the colour of the frame look radiant and bright.


day wear movie_Moment(2).jpg

I love, love, love flared jeans! Anything flared and I am sold.  I wear my high waisted flared jeans with blouses. Oh, doesn’t the word blouse just make me sound old! I was looking at my wardrobe thinking, my god I need some colour, so I added pink. I have paired my old faithful flared jeans with a pink tie wrap blouse and my new floral faced Olivia Burton watch, added a taupe chain bag in to show versatility! 

Chanel has created these beautiful frames, the rose gold arms give your outfit that added chic, luxe feel. Which is Chanel down to a tee. This pair just adds that hint of pastel pink to my look. It’s soft yet warm.


night wear vid_Moment.jpg

This dress is just ideal for all occasions. Date night, a girls night out and definitely perfect for going for something to eat. It is so roomy, and has a knot tie waist band which gives it its shape and a bit of something extra. The colours running through this dress could go with any of the frames I have mentioned; on this occasion I’ve gone with the brown ones.

As I have already shown you how versatile the pink and the yellow glasses are, let’s talk about brown.. Brown goes with everything! They are a gorgeous shape that manages the line of modern yet classic. The yellow gold sides, the CC logo, the luxury is endless.

To accessorise, I have introduced my life savers! Tie suede wooden heeled sandals and a beige suede clutch. Gold jewellery to bring out the gold sides on my beautiful Chanels.

Thanks for reading.

With love,

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