Emma: Behind the Scenes at NIKON

Here at Eyesite we love diversity. We love everyone's different style, fashion insight and interpretations of what's on trend. Our Eyewear Stylist Emma went on an exclusive tour around the Nikon factory:

#mynikonworld – My day at Nikon

This week I have been very fortunate to have been offered the chance to go to the UK’s only Nikon Lab! I was asked to write a blog and my initial feeling were “oh my god”. I had a thousand ideas and concerns running through my head, but at the end of the day I am me, and I work for Eyesite and I want to share my amazing day with Nikon. So here goes...

Nikons UK Head office and lab is based in Milton Keynes and I went with Val who works at our Beverley branch.

Nikons UK Head office and lab is based in Milton Keynes and I went with Val who works at our Beverley branch.

I learnt about the history of Nikon and how “light is the essence of the company”. It inspires everything in creation, whether it be with lenses, medical equipment (Optos), cameras or even binoculars. Nikon have achieved so much since opening in 1917 and their magnitude in the optical world continues to grow!

Fun fact: Nikon only supply and support their lenses to Independent Opticians around the world! Never to Multiples.

This means you can’t get this quality of lens on the high street. So, we are one of the lucky few to be able to get these amazing lenses.

From Japan with love

After learning some History of Nikon, we moved down to the lab to learn about how lenses are made and how they end up in your glasses! I don’t want to bore you with machine details, however you all should know that each team member of both Nikon and Eyesite work to their best with every lens and frame making sure our customers are happy with their purchase. I was over whelmed with how big the lab was and how many people play in part in the lens production.

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Even though the lenses are designed in Japan, we’re proud to tell you they’re manufactured in the UK! Pretty fantastic since not very much is manufactured in the UK anymore. Nikon have Geisha Dolls placed in their head office to show appreciation of their Japanese heritage.

One of Nikon’s tint rooms

One of Nikon’s tint rooms

Nikon can basically tint your glasses and sunglasses to whatever you want, varying from Ice Blue to Cherry Pink! New jacket? No problem, your lenses can match.

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Whether you know about dispensing or not, each dispense requires measurements no matter what you need. Nikon can provide lenses for every prescription.

This year is Nikons 100th Anniversary and we are very happy to be a part of their world as an independent. I hope you all enjoy my first blog and keep checking back for more of my Eyesite journey.

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At the end of the day, Sight is the most important way we perceive our world

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