Rhianna: Micro-Adventure Vol. 2

Last week I visited one of my favourite cities in the world: Amsterdam! Following up from John's blog post I decided to write the second installment in the micro-adventure travel series! I wanted to share with you the contents of my bag for the trip and a selection of popular eyewear styles seen in the Netherlands, for extra inspiration!

My bag of choice is my Louis Vuitton Never Full. It's my very own Mary Poppins bag! You literally can never fill it. It comes with an inside clutch to keep valuables safe like my passport. Not only is this bag really good for travel but it’s also a staple for effortless street style. Packed in my bag is - of course my iPhone! When I’m visiting a different city I've found Google Maps has become my best friend.

Whether it be navigating me to an over hyped restaurant I've seen across the blogs or finding which tram I need to catch to get me back to the hotel: your phone will be your saviour! However, as amazing as our phones are we all know how incapable iPhones are of holding their battery charge! This is the reason I've found it’s always handy to carry a map of the city you're visiting and a portable phone charger. This means I can take as many Instagram worthy pictures as I want all day long (see pic below) without the disturbance of a dead battery.

Rhianna Blog.png

Amsterdam is renowned for its cold climate in the winter months but that also means the sun is extremely low in the sky so I’ve constantly got my sunglasses on. I chose to pack with me my Rayban Hexagan sunglasses, I paired these with my long grey coat, white scarf and pink beret! 

Rhianna Blog2.png

Finally, in my bag are my Tom Ford round optical glasses. These round specs are made from part acetate, part titanium so they're super lightweight and comfy! I purposely packed this particular frame out my collection as there is a common theme of round spectacles in Amsterdam. Large or small, acetate or metal you can’t help but be inspired by their choice of round eyewear.

I thought it'd be a really great idea to show you a selection of frames found at Eyesite that are really similar styles seen in the Netherlands.

Tom Ford - Christopher 02

Tom Ford - Christopher 02

Tom Ford – Christopher 02

A modern take on a traditional style

Chanel - Round Optical

Chanel - Round Optical

Chanel – Round Optical

Simplicity but high fashion – I wouldn’t expect anything less from Chanel

Garrett Leight - Club House

Garrett Leight - Club House

Garrett Leight – Club House

Super vintage and edgy

Cutler & Gross - Pantoscopia

Cutler & Gross - Pantoscopia

Cutler & Gross - Pantoscopia

Designed with a wrapped metal nose bridge these glasses are my star specs in my blog post this month!

Time flies by when you're having fun and you’ve only gone away for the weekend but I believe January is the perfect time to plan a mini break. It sets my year off to a positive start and I come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world! If there’s one thing that I did learn about myself on this trip: you can't break my addiction to eyewear, no matter where I am in the world I will always be inspired by what the people around me are wearing.

With Love.JPG

Jon: 2018 - Micro-Adventures. What To Pack & How To Prepare For Something Amazing

Eyesite - whats in the bag photo.jpg

2018 the year of the Micro-adventure what to pack and how to prepare for something amazing!

 Here at Eyesite we are an eclectic bunch each with our own hobbies, interests, tastes and pastimes. Our collective interest is eyewear but outside this we are individuals who live life and go hard.

Over the past few years I’ve been doing my upmost to explore the globe one adventure at a time. More recently I’ve unknowingly been part of a bit of a millennial phenomenon known as the Micro-adventure or Micro-adventuring. I’ve been camping, hiking and simply going places, I’ve never been before just because I can.

As our world becomes increasing urbanised we all too often find ourselves "living" life trapped behind screens, short on time and on repeat. Micro-adventures are designed to break the monotony of the daily grind and provide a realistic escape into the wilderness. Most importantly there's no need to escape long term or even go full Tom Hanks shouting “Wilson!” at a coconut to achieve it.

A micro-adventure is an adventure that is brief, easy to plan, usually cheap, mostly fun, always exciting, hopefully challenging, not forgetting refreshing and rewarding. It's born out of an urge to reconnect with nature and get close to something real. Instagram about it later if you have to! I can't promise you more likes than that cat picture you posted last week but embarking on a micro-adventure could leave you feeling a little more fulfilled.

I’m happiest with a backpack on and with that in mind I thought I would give an insight into some essential carry prep for when I'm on my own micro-adventures.

My backpack. The North Face Citer.


My backpacks designed as a commuter but due to its hardened construction and almost waterproofness it's perfect for the outdoors. It fits a 15inch laptop protected by a hard rear. Any backpack will do, just fill it and get out there.

Waterproof. Rains pull over jacket.


Rains are a Danish outerwear brand specialising in minimal waterproof garments. This jackets waterproof, super lightweight and has a huge pocket which is ideal. Bring an umbrella if you don't like Denmark or jackets for that matter.

 Smartphone. Google Pixel 2.


I recently converted to Android from Apple. I'm enjoying a battery that lasts more than a day and the camera is amazing in low light. I talked about cutting the wires but you can't beat smartphones for capturing a moment or being able to find that coffee place your friends been talking about.

Smartphone App. Maps me.


A lifesaver. Super detailed, Totally offline, and customisable. A Micro-adventure must.

Hydration. Oakley drinks bottle.

Oakley Bottle.jpg

Pack some water it's cheaper than champagne.

Eyewear. Dita Haliod.

Eyesite - Dita Haliod.jpg

A lightweight metal offering from Dita, surprisingly tough and inspired by Japanese calligraphy no less. The premium build adds comfort for days, or longer, of use.

Eyewear. Oakley Holbrook Metal.

Eyesite Oakley Holbrook.jpg

What’s that thing in the sky!? If something miraculous happens these Oakley frames are easy to wear and fit almost anyone. Lightweight and would withstand a drop or two. This active frame is perfect for the outdoors and best of all they have prizm daily polarised lenses. Offering the best polarised lens around. Ideal if you want to cut glare and see a truer, sharper image of your surroundings.

And lastly.

Contact lenses. Alcon Total one.


Superior life, moistness and fit help to make these contact lenses a must have. If you want comfort through cities or the outdoors look no further.

I could add more but I did say essentials!

Before this becomes another essay, I’ll wrap it up by hoping to have inspired some Micro-adventures. Some sideways approaches to the weekend or even just the idea of life beyond Netflix.

Until next time