Aimee: Take us back to the 90's

Hyper colour t-shirts, butterfly clips and denim dungarees were staples of the 90's, and they do say how fashion always comes back around. This season is no exception. We have seen some serious throwbacks hit the catwalk. For all you '90's kids' out there, this one's for you. So many amazing brands this season have turned back the clock, dugout those retro trends and set the bar for this season's eyewear. From Celine to Persol, this year is definitely seeing a 90's comeback. Now, we all remember the tiny, sleek sunnies that everyone used to wear, well who'd have thought they'd be back, and in full force?! 

blog 1.jpg

Celine's latest range of sunglasses feature some truly retro pieces, including the 'Cat-eye' acetate frame which embraces a truly 90's feel to it. And with its shallow frame and block colour, this is nothing but retro.

blog 2.jpg

With the festival season upon us, Rayban's 'new-retro' pieces are the perfect way to top off that vintage summer look. Rayban have always been the 'go to brand' for classic eyewear and with their summer season 'Flat-oval' sunspecs you'll be effortlessly timeless throughout this summers festivals.

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Another supporter of the 90's cat-eye frame is Le Specs with their Last Lolita range, displaying vintage class with the bold colours and strong shape. This is a style that will keep coming back round due to it effortless elegance.

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Persol, just like Rayban, hold a kind of 'legend' with in the brand making each piece ageless but their new season features a selection of rounder frames, giving us a truly 90's feel.

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Fashion will always circulate, but personally, I love a throwback to the 90's and I feel that this season has done us proud, especially within the eyewear brands.