Aimee: You, me and the legacy

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Have you ever stepped into a room and feel as though you have been taken back, removed from reality and comfortably slotted into someone else’s shoes? These are the overwhelming sensations each person feels as they step onto the cool marble flooring of building No5, Bond Street. Chanel - what is it that we love? What is it that pulls us towards its doors? To tell you the truth, it’s her, Gabrielle. We each feel as though we own a small piece of her when we apply our Rouge Coco or finish off an outfit with a classic Boy Clutch. We each feel as though we are a part of the legacy. 

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Gabrielle Chanel started her journey to success from a young age, taking inspiration from the world around her and keeping hold of it for years to come. Each garment she created held nostalgia, it cast her back to a memory or emotion, creating narrative within each piece. As the nun’s would walked the halls of the orphanage where Gabrielle grew into a young woman, their outfits would comprise of heavy chain belts resting on their hips, which we later see as one of Chanel’s most iconic pieces to this day. This is the same chain design we see on the straps of the classic clutch bag and inside each beautifully crafted tweed jacket, which runs a chain along the bottom of the lining. This recherché attention to detail has continued throughout the company, even after the rain of Gabrielle. The entire Chanel team make it their priority to make sure her foot print is still a part of every sketch and stitch.

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May 24th, 2018, I was given the opportunity to not only walk the marble floorings of building No5, but also to be introduced and trained by some of the most accomplished members of the Chanel team. It was here, in this elegant, yet simple room; we were presented the new range of Chanel eyewear. Each piece cleanly cut, made with her in mind. Diamond Crystal Eyes, a piece from the new collection, continues to carry the history of Chanel through its designs. This eyewear collection is not only elegant and contemporary, which house strong traits of each Chanel piece, but also are memoirs to Gabrielle’s first and most iconic fragrance, No5. The shape of the lenses are inspired by this inimitable perfume bottle famed for its angled edges and simplistic design. 

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As time goes on Chanel will continue to captivate the world, transforming the fashion industry and bringing new and exciting designs to the table, but never forgetting where is all started.