Rhianna: Pearls are a girls best friend

Splashed across the pages of Vogue, and featuring along the runways from London to Paris; pearls are THE trending hot topic in the world of fashion right now

The desire for pearls dates all the way back to a point in time where only the highest noble men would be seen wearing such a rare item.  Nowadays of course, although still very prestigious, pearls are lot more accessible and used in creative ways to create very bespoke pieces. This season we have seen an upsurge in interest from a host of leading fashion houses, easily making the noble pearl the biggest fashion trend of ss18.  Read on to see a selection of my favorite pieces…

chanel campaign.jpg

Chanel SS'18

"A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls" - Coco Chanel

Chanel Pearl.jpg

The pearl has been an integral part of Chanels design work since around the 1930s. Coco Chanel was rarely seen without layers of pearls draped around her neck, which at the time displayed ground breaking fashion sense during times of more minimalistic preference. Karl Lagerfeld likes to pay homage to this staple idea by incorporating pearls into each collection.  


Fendi SS'18

The most important pearl piece this season (IMO) is by Fendi. Oversized round – a must have. Made up of all Fendi’s trademark elements; exaggerated shape and defined lines. This particular piece is not for the faint hearted but aimed at those like me, who desire something weird and wonderful. 

Can Eye.jpg

Fendi "CAN EYE". Redesigned this season by incorporating pearls into the original design. Created with femininity in mind with a modern twist. Fendi are renowned for using luxury materials in particular fur; and like fur, pearls are sign of wealth and luxury, which Fendi love.

Gucci 1.jpg


Does Gucci ever do anything in half measures? Like a magpie, Allassandro Michelle king of high-end embellishments took this trend next level by adding anything remotely shiny or luxiours to their designs. The Gucci runway was showered head to toe in pearls and precious stones. 

Gucci Cat Eye.jpg

Pearls are a sign of vintage luxury therefore it’s interesting to see how each fashion house have designed their own contempary take on the trend. I will look forward to seeing you all laced in pearl this season.