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Behind the scenes in the lab

He's seen it all. Whether he's creating a custom made tint for a music video, fitting a mirrored lens to disguise a footballer on holiday, or just replacing a screw for your mother in laws reading glasses; "it's all in a days work" explains Miles; known to his colleagues as "The Wizard"...

For the most part, what happens in the lab, tends to, well... stay in the lab. It's a world of a thousand screws, tools and a carefully manned production line of different shapes, styles and colours heading towards their final destination. "It's unfamiliar territory for most, but has a unique sense of familiarity and reward to me, having worked here so long.  If I do manage to catch a glimpse in the media, of a piece I've been working on, it's great to see the end product!" Says Miles, who has handled a fair few well known frames in his 22 years in the job. "With that being said; it's all in a days work! Whatever job I receive in my lab, it's all about producing consistent high quality work. It's a key part of the overall process that you don't get to see or hear about too often."... Until now! Catch a glimpse of 'The Wizard' at work, as we go behind the scenes at the Eyesite laboratory.