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Rhianna: Gucci Gang


New Collection Alert



The 'free spirit'

New season Gucci has officially landed at Eyesite and it’s exactly everything we wanted. Pastel palettes, quirky shapes, and iconic Gucci stripes - anything goes! Throughout the collection you can feel the inspiration with aesthetics from eras gone by; 60s psychedelic neons, 70s cool tints and oversized 80s shapes, yet each piece still offers a very contemporary feel. All styles in the collection are created non-gender specific once again abolishing all laws in fashion by creating an aura of “wear whatever you want” and “be whoever you want to be”.


The 'icon'. 

Can’t get enough of the Gucci stripes? This classic piece mixes both acetate and metal materials into one unique design with the stripes wrapped around the front and following through along the sides. It’s for sure a staple design with an iconic Gucci edge.

blog 6.jpg

 The 'twist'

In this collection we are seeing a comeback of the traditional half frame ("Supra") styles. This design is featured in both round and square shapes - emitting high fashion geek chic. And of course it wouldn’t be Gucci without glitter and stripes!!


 The 'campaign'

Gucci have made the biggest come back in fashion by evolving into today’s current trends and themes. The brand recently broke the internet for their watch campaigns in which they embraced internet culture by releasing a selection of Memes to their Instagram page. Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele explained that they needed to connect with people from all walks of life. This particular campaign was aimed at the cyber generation. The series of memes which were released were held with mixed reviews but if ask you me, I think they’re genius! 

Join the Gucci Gang for SS'18 across Eyesite stores. We look forward to seeing you soon. 


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Jon: Frames for Film

Here at Eyesite we love diversity. We love everyone's different style, fashion insight and interpretations of what's on trend. Our Eyewear Stylist Jon gives an insight into iconic eyewear on film:

Frames for Film - Iconic eyewear on film.

Choosing frames for some is simply a necessity, its purely practical and together with a prescription enables a person to view the world a little clearer. However, if we dig a little deeper we often find there is more to the story. Each individual’s eyewear choice can say so much more about a person's taste, personality and persona than perhaps they think.

In styling ourselves the way we do we are telling a kind of story, the narrative doesn't even have to be real or true but it can be a fun process! Our frames can be an extension of who we are and how we want to be viewed. Fun or serious, professional or casual, each are relevant and not necessarily exclusive, how we want to be perceived is the interesting bit. Frames can be an afterthought for some but done right can tell someone a great deal, without a person even having to speak a word.

With all this in mind I started to think about my favourite films the iconic characters in them and their iconic frames choices. We are massively fortunate at Eyesite to stock some truly unique pieces of eyewear some of which are echoed in the following movies.

Leon the professional.  

Directed by Luc Besson starring Jean Reno and Natalie Portman. Reno portrays a professional hitman who makes an unlikely bond with a young orphan who eventually becomes his protege. Jean Reno character is easily one of the most iconic antihero of all time. His effortless, somewhat minimal style in this movie has been copied a thousand times over. You can even see the likes musicians like Skepta mirroring something Jean nailed in '94. The strength of this look never fails and most importantly Jeans iconic round sunglasses have undoubtedly stood the test of time.

For this fit in mind look no further than Dior Homme metal, Garret Leight or a Cutler and Gross in clear. Or if your going the extra mile ask about getting a Giorgio Armani Optical glazed as a sunglass.

American Psycho.

Shortly after the time of its release American Psycho quickly became a critical and finical flop. But since its release in 2000 it has gone on the become one of the biggest cult classics and widely quoted movies ever. Based on the book by Bret Easton Ellis staring Christian Bale this black comedy tells the story of a wall street banker on the verge of complete mental breakdown. Christian’s sharp suited attire and a penchant for Oliver Peoples glasses is still inspiring people today.

Try Oliver Peoples obviously, ideally in tortoise shell. But don't forget we stock Garrett Leight (Oliver Peoples founder, Larry Leight's son) and Tom Ford respectively if your looking for that sophisticated NY boardroom look.

The Lost Boys.

Last but not least I've chosen The Lost Boys by Joel Schumacher this 80's cult horror classic starring child superstars Corey Haim and Corey Filedman and not forgetting Kiefer Sutherland has everything. It has just the right amount of 80's punk and New wave matched with a So Cal coolness that made me want to move to the US after the first viewing.

Eyesite - The Lost Boys.jpg

Look out for classic Rayban Clubmasters and offerings from Persol. For a more luxury contemporary twist try Dita System One or Nomad.

My advice, be in your own movie, stand out from the crowd and don't be afraid to show us your story.


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Eyesite Insight

The days are getting colder, the sun ever lower. Never fear, Eyesite are here! We’re here to do what we do best, provide you with amazing luxury eyewear you want to show off whatever the weather.

We’ve got some even more exciting news:


We know you’ll want to grab your coat post-haste and see it for yourself but before you go, here are the things you need to know:

• You can get up to 50% off selected designer sunglasses!
• We have offers on prescription sunglasses too.
• There are offers available across all 3 of our Eyesite stores. If you don’t know where we live
then we can help you there.
• We’re not limited! We have a huge selection for both male and female eyewear enthusiasts!
• Just SOME of the brands included:


The list goes on but you’re probably wanting to get out there.

Whether you’ve already got a look in mind or whether you’re needing inspiration, our eyewear
stylists are here to help you build the eyewear wardrobe you have always dreamed of.

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Pastel Perfect

We suggest going nude this season.  For real. While there will always be pride of place for a bold staple in the collection, try lightening the mood! Good use of pastels, nudes and clear acetates with your specs, can offer great contrast and pair well with late Indian summer whites, beiges and neutral outfits. Whats more, we've seen this style worked to perfection with both the fairer AND darker skin tones this season - Tom Ford SS'17 case in point. Meaning it's an all-inclusive fashion trend we suggest YOU consider trying out! Here are 5 of the best! Pictured (In order): Victoria Beckham, Céline, Cutler and Gross, Chloe, and Tom Ford (Click image to view)