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Sophie: I J'adior holiday season

Obsessed (!!!!) and once again my choice is Dior. After visiting Dior HQ yesterday, I can’t wait for summer and I can’t get enough of this seasons top three. Get me on that beach. It’s time to book a holiday. But which sunglasses shall I pick? And were shall I go?

Visor 1.jpg

                                                                                                CLUB1 - IBIZA

Maria Grazia Chiuri has done it again. Dior’s creative director has found the perfect mix of sports luxe with feminine beauty. I’d pair mine with a one shoulder, high waist bikini. Ibiza is calling.

visor 2.jpg

              CLUB 2               



This mini removable visor paired with jeans or a vintage style dress and trainers; feminine with added attitude. I’m thinking a stroll down the Champs-Elysees, maybe stop off at Avenue Montaigne if I dare, café, glass of rouge vibes. Perfect for a weekends trip to Paris.

club 3.jpg

CLUB 3 - L.A.        


Enter my "happy shades". The oversize pilot with side shields paying homage to Christian Dior himself. CD loved astrology and believed stars to be a sign of good luck, which is why they adorn the front of this piece. I’ll pair mine with a slogan tee, sliders and cut off denim or a plain black swimsuit by the pool.

visor Final.jpg



.....Which club are you?

J'adior? - I do!!

Until next time; "Bon Voyage"

Sophie x

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Rhianna: F is for FENDI

Here at Eyesite we love diversity. We love everyone's different style, fashion insight and interpretations of what's on trend. Our Eyewear Stylist Rhianna gives an insight into her favourite eyewear for Autumn/Winter '17:

Fendi is world renowned for their fun and bold designs, and this autumn/winter is exactly that. This seasons campaign is called "F en Folie" which is a reference to their playful and unexpected designs which will feature - they’ve even gone as far as to create an all-new face logo which displays the circular F.

My favourite piece of the collection is The Fendi Run Away sunglasses. The design is constructed of its bold, oversized, circular lenses with very fine metal sides and a double bridge - TOP TIP: keep a look out for large metal designs because they are a key trend across the catwalks this autumn/winter. The over exaggerated round shape of the sunglasses is what gives this piece it’s Fendi identity. The use of bold shapes and bright colours are key ingredients into making a Fendi design.

FENDI Run Away

FENDI Run Away

This season we are seeing a come back of large brand logos, which was featured throughout the early 00’s. An example of this is the Dior Overshine, frequently worn by Paris Hilton paired with her pink velour Juicy Couture tracksuit – an early 2000’s staple. Fendi, Dior and Givenchy, to name a few, are heavily displaying this trend in their designs. Not forgetting the most iconic accessory of 2017: The double G Gucci belt. Every VIP has been pictured wearing it and every fashion blogger has to have it

Dior Overshine

Dior Overshine

Which brings me nicely back to the Fendi Run Away. Keeping in suit the front lenses feature a large stamped F logo covering the front entire lens. The logo is then mirrored to make the sunglasses pop even more, this has Fendi written all over it– literally.

I believe what makes these tone-on-tone sunglasses unique is how the frame extends above the surface area of the lens giving them an outline effect for extra definition, once again proving to me why I love these over-sized sunnies so much! A colour for every occasion this piece features five fun colour ways: red, brown, pink, blue and black. So the question is; which colour will we see you rocking this Autumn/Winter?

Eyesite With Love.JPG

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Willow Smith stars in Chanel's FW '16 / 17 campaign

It's the time to shine for the next generation - certainly as far as Chanel & the legendary Karl Lagerfeld are concerned. Following in the footsteps of the unmistakable Cara Delevingne and Lily Rose Depp, Chanel have sprinkled an extra helping of youthful stardust on recent campaigns. And the result? Well; Smith is viewed by Chanel as a face that embodies the spirit of her generation - and that very same energy has come across in Chanel's recent campaigns. The brand emits more pizzazz, edge and fire in its belly; perhaps 3 adjectives not regularly used to describe Chanel. We love the new campaign, naturally :) But what do YOU think? Send us your views via our Facebook page. 


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Let the games begin.... Oakley X RIO 2016

Years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears; rest in the hands of hours, minutes or a matter of seconds.

It's only right you come prepared.


The Oakley Olympic class of 2016 (AND you too if you're lucky enough to grab a pair from us) will experience only the best from this exclusive Oakley collection....

Oakley HDO (High Definition Optics) optimizes safety and performance to meet the the highest demands of professional athletes who settle for nothing less than the clearest, sharpest, most accurate vision. Impact Protection guarantees uncompromising protection against high-mass and velocity impact that no other lens offers. Oakley Plutonite Lens material stops every wavelength of ultraviolet radiation from the sun's thermonuclear furnace, not just the lower energy form called "UVA". HDPolarized lenses are in a class of their own, using a precise infusion molding process to produce one comprehensive single layered lens.



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Dior - Keeping it 'SoReal'

What began as a finely calculated fashion 'experiment', is snowballing into perhaps THE biggest eyewear revelation witnessed in recent times. Enter the "So Real" Effect..


Like a No.1 hit single, hot for a minute, forgotten the next.. It's hard to nail down the key to achieving legendary status. Not since Ray Bans hat trick of the Clubmaster, Aviator and Wayfarer, have we discovered an icon fit for sun blocking duty for years to come. 

Here's our 3 reasons why the Dior So Real is THE must have staple in your wardrobe:

1) It's a risk, but with the least risk. On paper, this style suggests a tricky wear (unconventional round/hexagonal shape,  split / two tone lens etc). It totally isn't - just try these on for size and tell us the combination isn't perfect! The most timid of fashionistas can push the boat out without getting stranded at sea.

2) So the shape is a big hit - cue the influx of new colours & materials! We have already seen the introduction of leather and a mix of colour within the collection, so we're sure Dior will give you plenty of reasons to keep coming back for more. 

3) It's staple, but still very much a luxury staple. Yes we have categorized this as a 'one for all occasions', but this is a GOOD thing! The so real is a piece you can wear equally with sweat pants, as you can at the next wedding. It will sprinkle fairy dust on the dullest of outfits, without ever letting down your best.